Homeschool and Homebound Policy

Homebound Policy:

- Any Student who is out of school for a prolonged period can apply for and will be provided a homebound teacher.
- A medical doctor must certify that the student has the need for homebound services.
- School administrators and teachers strongly recommend that any student, who can qualify for homebound instruction during prolonged illness, should use this service.
- Since homebound students by nature of their condition cannot attend regular school, they are prohibited from participation in extracurricular activities except for eighth-grade promotion.

Home School Policy: 

- If a family chooses to homeschool, then the child will be eligible to participate in school and extracurricular activities such as athletics.
- Home-schooled students must be registered at the Grundy County Central Office in Altamont, TN (931-692-3467) by August 1st each year.
- Fifth grade and seventh-grade students will be tested at the closest elementary school in the spring of each year as required by the Tennessee Department of Education.

For more information, visit Tennessee Department of Education's Home Schooling in Tennessee page.
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